Texas Electrical Contractor Number (TECL) 19227
Considering a Solar or Wind Power Solution for Your Home
or Business? We Can Help Guide You Through the Process.
Texas Electrical Contractor Number (TECL) 19227
Simply put, solar panels collect sun rays, and convert that energy into power that can be used for
electricity to service your home or business. Similarly, wind turbines harness wind power that is
convertible into power for your home or business.

But where to start? We can provide you with a 'Load Analysis' so we can match up what your solar or
wind needs are. At that point, you will decide which is the best option.

There are ground or roof mount options available. Solar tracking can provide an assist in optimizing its
power collection-ability.

Prior to considering power solutions such as these, you will want to check with your HOA to see if there
restrictions in place (or deed restrictions).

Here is some basic terminology, to help you become more familiar:

OFF THE GRID: You are not connected to an electrical grid through a power provider. It also means
you are independent, and
do not have the ability to sell back unused electrical power that your units

GRID TIE:  You are connected to an electrical grid power provider, and you have the option of selling
back excess power your units create.

In recent years, there are also rebates available in many cases to those that install and operate a home
or business with power sources such as solar and wind.

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